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The film shows the father and daughter living utterly unpleasant and pleasureless lives.
Structuring black female sexualities through histories of violence has led to a familiar theoretical position in which sexual life for black women is rendered as a pleasureless pit, a site of unbearable woe.
54) If we could become permanently and unchangingly virtuous and knowing, then, once we got past the initial generative pleasures, like the gods, we too would be in a pleasureless, albeit fulfilled, state.
DeConick's research traces the root of the problem beyond the usual interpretations of scripture, theology, and the social structures of the times to something deeper and much more perverse: the idea that the female body is "naturally deficient," subhuman, and no more than a field to be plowed and seeded by a man in an act of pleasureless sex likely to result in pregnancy, painful childbirth, and possibly even death.