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He pointed out that the PLEB can administer oaths, summon witnesses and issue subpoenas for documents and records pertinent to a complaint and is composed of a city or municipal councilor, a village chief, and three private individuals who are respected in their communities.
This section is further amended to read: "The PLEB shall be the central receiving entity for any citizen's complaint against the officers and members of the PNP assigned either temporarily or permanently in a particular city or municipality.
A high court judge has now ruled that he believes that Mitchell did use the word pleb or something similar.
He continued to profess his innocence and deny using the word pleb.
A 1991 ordinance had previously created five PLEBs in Quezon City, three for the three legislative districts and two for the second district based on the number of the police stations in each area.
Britain's most senior police officer Sir BernardHogan-Howe, who is heading an inquiry into "Plebgate", has already criticised the federations - the nearest bobbies have to unions - for calling for the resignation of Mitchell when the pleb accusation came to light.
But now, like many ancient words the meaning, due to snobbery, Is Pleb, a coarse and ignorant yob who's not averse to robbery.
PLEB row minister Andrew Mitchell will soon come face-to-face in court with the constituent who allegedly threatened to kill him.
The generation gap has also worsened the PLEB problem, with 72 percent of 18-24 year olds confident at joining a wifi network and 77 percent able to install a printer on a computer.
He told the High Court he swore under his breath but claimed he would never call a policeman a pleb.
FORMER Government chief whip Andrew Mitchell yesterday told the High Court in London he would never call a policeman a pleb.
htm&sa=U&ei=7gphUoEqxc6EB6ncgLgO&ved=0CAcQFjAA&client=internal-uds-cse&usg=AFQjCNFOLMWFNWhs9b_3Qkeg71ly_teugA) Click here for why pleb is such a problem word for the Tories .