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Nesta ultima localidade, o juiz de paz--o capitao Jose da Silva Mares--relatou as autoridades provinciais ter sido "acometido de uma insurreicao da plebe do seu Distrito, em numero de mais de vinte pessoas que se diz[em], autorizada[s] por dois, ou tres homens de consideracao", tendo sido "ameacado com a morte, com o arrombamento da porta principal" de sua casa.
A lesson on personal responsibility occurs on Reception Day, the author's first day at West Point and an extremely stress-inducing event for the several hundred new plebes like himself.
In ancient Rome, a well-known fable had statesman Menenius Agrippa persuading strikers who had retired to the Aventine Hill that plebe and patricians were as indispensable to each other as the stomach and the other parts of the human body.
As a result, he went off to West Point as an orphan; his grandfather died during his plebe (freshman) year at West Point.
In the beginning, Plebe 'Dutch' Spangler was about to understand that he was nothing but a 'beast'--a lowly presence considered unfit for social contact with upper classmen.
With a teacher's encouragement, Barahona used his small savings to purchase a bike so he could continue with seventh grade in El Plebe, three miles away.
Having known John McCain since he was a plebe at the Naval Academy, I was surprised to read about his "binge drinking" there in "Be Afraid of President McCain" (April), since it was against the rules then to drink within seven and a half miles of the Chapel Dome.
Even though he plays the role of respectful plebe, it's not easy for Morton to blend in simply because he doesn't look like the others.
Pater huic Colophonius Idmon /Phocaico bibulas tingebat murices lanas; /oeciderat mater, sed et haec de plebe suoque /aequa uiro fuerat.
19) A descendant of English folk culture's Lord of Misrule and a younger secularized cousin of the early professional theater's Vice figure, the Elizabethan clown strongly appealed to a newly urbanized public accustomed to festive ritual that had not yet split into plebe and bourgeoisie.
The tastes of the child and of the plebe were both understood to lean toward simple, improbable, illustrated adventure tales.
When Ramos was an 18-year-old plebe (a freshman), Bryant was his intramural football coach.