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Me dijo que los habia defraudado, que tenia que trabajarle duro, porque con un plebe era muy duro, y me lo dijo bien enojado".
Some of the current plebes warned me that you have to watch out for the guys with big egos who think women shouldn't be there, but not everyone is like that.
My ideas of smoking prestige camelater when I became a plebe at the U.
Still, the instructors consistently stress to their charges that the class is only as strong as its weakest plebe.
The boys are plebes in a masculine netherworld, their body language straining with repressed sexuality.
Segal and Halprin's gesture toward democratic inclusiveness merely accentuates the radical gulf that separates the patrician leader who wields real power in the White House from the plebes and proles.
On command, freshmen, called plebes, shout the alma mater or bark out the King's Point motto--acta non verba, "deeds not words.
Like other cadets, Rock shaved off his hair and took part in grueling physical activities during the 'reception rites' for plebes of PNPA.
Cada vez que yo pasaba me ardia la cara de verguenza, como procuradora no es posible que yo vea a la dona sentadota en la banqueta con la plebe y los otros tres plebes los mandan a que limpien vidrios, que anden con su cajita de chicles, me parte el alma y vamos contra ellas.
As the month of June drew to a close, the prospective plebes gave their parents one last hug and got in line for in-processing outside Alumni Hall.
But the angry graffiti scrawled on their surfaces by rampaging Roman plebes are strictly for show, unmatched by any corresponding emotion from the mob.