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And this American variant of "Real Whig" (69) political theory traveled up and down the colonial seaboard, informing discussions esoteric and plebian, "providing] a strong unifying element" (70) for the diverse colonial people.
Sassui presents herself as Plebian, which is highest degree of humility and meekness.
While the shrewd Helm pursues only resisters, a stereotypical Prussian General Arnim von Dahnwitz--replete with flashing monocle--has been implicated in the plot to kill Hitler but is known to the plebian resistance as the "murderer of Kharkov.
One princeling told a Western diplomat of their contempt for the previous plebian leadership.
24-25)--to relieve boredom, in other words--callously plays a painful trick upon one of these plebian "brothers," Francis, a waiter.
The company, which specializes in medicines for people with neurodegenerative diseases, hematologic conditions, and autoimmune disorders, commissioned an artistic collaboration between the design firm Hypersonic and technological sculptors Plebian Design to capture the essence of how to make a scientific breakthrough.
It reflects back on the foundational works that shaped the contours of the Bolivian "social imaginary" across the better part of the twentieth century, as its lettered elites tried to apprehend and cope with the country's heritage of cultural heterogeneity, especially in those historic breakpoints when its plebian "multitudes" suddenly became the principal driver of history.
The rise of vernacular political elites spearheading plebian politics proved instrumental in the increasing role of the vernacular media in regional and national politics.
I definitely was trying to shake off this guitar legend thing, which I thought was so plebian.
And, if there's one gun above all others that I have obsessed over, it has to be the plebian, yet highly functional and utterly reliable Makarov pistol.
Nothing can be more plebian, in seeming, than this Joe Smith.
Koch was ideally plebian, though also sang like a god.