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You are probably wise in retiring it as a hunting rifle in favor of a more plebian piece.
One thing is certain; luxury fixtures and fittings were not available in the plebian market.
Possibly it is Will, a young plebian baker, who is the agent of change for Dana.
While tennis literature conjures a wide variety of metaphors, including the theological, political and even military, ultimately I wish to argue that tennis is predominantly the sport of love--after all, as writer Adam Sexton notes, "at least once every game both players think 'love'" (xvi)--and that because its heritage is more patrician than plebian, more country than city, more classic than modern, it is primarily depicted as a romantic, genteel and stylish sport more associated with the private, amateur and leisurely than the public, professional and commercial--and, perhaps, because we would like it to be that way.
For example, he actively locates himself on the cultural periphery of plebian performances in the theater, but wants to use Mary Robinson, "The Maid of Buttermere," particularly her scene of sentimentality, as a device "to police a material world of troubling otherness, mass violence, and sexual economics.
118) After his first series of editorials, the newly anointed plebian prophet stormed onto the conservative lecture circuit and spoke to bar associations around the country about the dangers of human rights treaties.
Everything in this boot-shaped country is done to elevate the most plebian experience into a work of art.
Most were reserved for the rich and famous, but others had a more plebian quality.
17) Although the story of an Ottoman sultan chasing crows in a vegetable patch was unheard of before the publication of The Black Book (after all, saving the family plot from ravagers is an activity reserved for the plebian class), the Turkish public is well aware of Ataturk's history of chasing crows with his sister during a brief period in his childhood.
Not even the excuse that all that digging interfered with a few diplomatic soirees and that it made plebian parking hell (ambassadors and ministers have chauffeurs, you see).
Thinking about issues like cooling and power may sound plebian to some, but our experience was that cooling and power problems were vastly more numerous than network and connectivity problems.