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Rhode Island, uniquely, went the plebiscitary route and rejected the proposed Constitution by a margin of more than ten-to-one.
However, things look different in the context of plebiscitary presidentialism.
Popular plebiscitary initiatives differ with regard to referenda for crucial national matters, and the difference lies in the timing in relation to the bill.
also a plebiscitary or synoptic one, we have nothing to fear.
For this reason, constitutional changes are difficult and are meant to be difficult, typically requiring a combination of super majorities, ratification at both levels of government or even plebiscitary approval.
Between 1914 and 1940, lawmakers debated upwards of sixteen status and plebiscitary bills seeking to change the territorial status of Puerto Rico (Trias Monge 1981).
Despite the unsuccessful experiments with plebiscitary state constitutions, however, the newly independent nation was thriving.
Just as in Horkheimer and Adorno's Dialectic of Enlightenment, the Enlightenment critique of myth turned into another myth, so here the principle of the bourgeois public sphere, the critical assessment of public policy in rational discussion, oriented to a concept of the public interest, turns into what Habermas calls a manipulated public sphere in which states and corporations use "publicity" in the modern sense of the word to secure for themselves a kind of plebiscitary acclamation.
The united national Romanian state was constituted during an internal revolutionary process through plebiscitary meetings, within a favourable international context, when the auto determination right became an international right and when the great empires disappeared.
He "was not enamored with the wisdom of the people or with plebiscitary forms of democracy" and, along with Marshall and Washington, he saw an imperative need for "constitutional checks and restraints" in order to control the "will to power.
Scholars of United States history and political science have long noted this use of Lincoln in presidential rhetoric to justify everything from the plebiscitary presidency of Wilson to Johnson's "war on poverty" to Obama's socialized health care.
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