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PLEBEIANS. One of the divisions of the people in ancient Rome; that class which was composed of those who were not nobles nor slaves. Vide Smith's Dic. Gr. & Rom. Antiq. art. Plebes.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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According to Florece, the municipalities yet to have their own PLEBs are 'problematic areas.' He said politics, or conflict on who will head the board from the member of the 'Sangguniang Panlungsod' or 'Sangguniang Bayan,' might be hampering the creation of other local boards.
REINVENTING CHARACTERS AS WELL as the Plebs' foray into the world of food and drink this series, there's an episode where they get free tickets to a spa - which they then decide they're never going to leave, so hatch a plan to use it as a squat.
"There were several members of public present as is the norm opposite the pedestrian gate and as we neared it, Mr Mitchell said: 'Best you learn your *** don't run this *** government...You're *** plebs.'
plebs would experience in nature but lower than its upper lethal temperature (8 [degrees]C; Rakusa-Suszczewski, 1982).
The return of Plebs and Zotto this fall for a coast-to-coast U.S.
In The Prince he speaks of a political body whose humors are unbalanced and needs severe medical treatment; in the Discorsi he portrays the good republic in which the humors of the plebs and the humors of the patricians are kept in balance through a healthy conflict and hopes that in the future someone "piu amato dal Cielo" can put into practice what he could only put in paper; in the Florentine Histories he describes a body politic full of malignant humors that seems to be beyond cure unless, as he says in the Discursus Florentinarum rerum, a truly good and prudent man succeeds, with heavens' help, in introducing a political constitution that gives the three humors of the city - the primi, the mezzani and the ultimi - their proper place.
Ovid's lines give us the following information about this version of Anna: she was a poor but industrious old woman living in the suburbs of Rome, her benevolent baking and distribution of cakes provided much-needed sustenance for the plebs during their secessio on the Mons Sacer, and the plebs repaid this service when peace was restored by dedicating a cult-statue to her, so founding the cult of Anna Perenna.
Here in second class, where all the thick, uneducated working class plebs who back Brexit are sitting, the view from our window is certainly improving.
From left: Jonathan Pointing, Ryan Sampson and Tom Rosenthal Although, bad news for Plebs fans, Joel Fry, who played Stylax, won't be returning - he's been busy with other work, including the recent spooky drama, Requiem.
ITV2 comedy Plebs is back - and it promises to be better than ever.