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In another facet of Zotto and Plebs's personae, they danced a slow and--yes--smoldering, but supremely elegant tango, in which Plebs slowly rubbed her leg down Zotto's.
The tango has always had and still has today a dark side, because it started in these poor neighborhoods and the men would dance and maybe would end in fighting,'' Plebs says.
The two younger couples, Natalia Games and Gabriel Angio, and Lorena Ermocida and Omar Merlo, are adept and pleasing; but they are overshadowed by the intense Plebs and Zotto, indelible from the severe beauty of their matching etched profiles to the scalpel precision of their feet.
Mitchell denies calling the officers plebs and evidence has since emerged casting doubt on the police account of events.
Representatives from Warwickshire and West Midlands Police Federation launched their campaign in the constituency of chief whip Andrew Mitchell - who was accused of calling officers plebs - earlier this week.
Mitchell, newly-promoted by PM David Cameron, raged: "You're f***ing plebs," the report added.
After all, the Royal collection is notorious for being closed off from the prying eyes of those whom are considered mere plebs, and what better way to display key assets of British heritage than through architecture, such as Buckingham Palace and others where every room would be opened up to the paying tourist trade and where visitors could pay to see the marvellous pieces of art and antiquity which currently are only accessible to the Queen.
POLICE were yesterday accused of spinning a "web of lies" over claims that ex Tory Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell called them plebs.
No money for the plebs, no expense spared for rich.
Anon SO transport minister Simon Burns is costing taxpayers PS80,000 a year by using a limo instead of sharing a train with the rest of us plebs.
Years ago, when the police banged on my door at 2 o'clock in the morning and then put their size tens against the door to stop me closing it, I was calling them a lot worse than plebs under my breath.