pledged word

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They were tough, rugged people, merciless racketeers and plunderers who held little sacred except their pledged word.
The unifying feature of the whole is an enquiry into the ways in which society at different stages through the medieval period, through the bonds of pledged word and through the constraints of law, attempted to retain cohesiveness and restrain those who would disturb that unity.
The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) used to say often in his sermons: A"Remember, there is no faith in him who is not trustworthy, there is no place for him in religion who cares not for his pledged word or promise.
Similarly, Putter is excellent on analysing the social meanings and language associated with knights, clerks and merchants, but despite his alertness to the troping inherent in much of the language of chivalry, he never suggests that the same phenomenon might be present in the language of economic exchange in Gawain: that the other and more ancient forms of contract and obligation it is used to signify -- lord and vassal, host and guest, pledged word -- might still be more powerful than the mercantile sign.