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PLEDGEE. The same as pawnee. (q.v.)

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1982 paragraph 1 of the Civil Code, "To guarantee its claims arising from the contract of carriage, the carrier shall enjoy, regarding the goods carried, the rights of a pledgee as long as he holds that good.
23 (2006) ("To safeguard the power of participants in a closed corporation to choose their future associates, participants will want to restrict the right of shareholders to pledge their shares, or at least the sales of the stock by the pledgee.
A pledge by either pledgor or pledgee of the original pledge to some third person is null and void, unless the permission of either the pledgor or pledgee has been obtained.
The Federal Reserve had thus accomplished the objectives that it had identified in 1963: lowering the cost of clipping coupons, relaxing constraints imposed by limited vault space, and--most importantly--reducing the risk of misplacing securities that it held as custodian or pledgee.
A pledge that depends only on the passage of time or demand for performance by the pledgee.
The pledgee upon the receipt of the Security Notification is required to issue and transmit the Security Acceptance on the DMCC Tradeflow within seven (7) days of receipt thereof.
It was agreed between the lenders that Borro had a valid and enforceable claim and security interest as pledgee for the amount of its loan plus interest.
Briefly, creation of a pledge over shares consists of a three-step process: registration of the pledgee bank by the QCSD, authentication of the share pledge and registration of the share pledge agreement.
If the QCSD receives a court order for the attachment of pledged securities by creditors other than the pledgee, the QCSD will first notify the court of the existing pledge with copy to the pledgee.
not permanently affixed to an immovable property) and the same can be perfected by signing a written pledge agreement and delivering the relevant property by the pledgor to the pledgee (either actual or constructive).