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PLEDGEE. The same as pawnee. (q.v.)

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The Federal Reserve had thus accomplished the objectives that it had identified in 1963: lowering the cost of clipping coupons, relaxing constraints imposed by limited vault space, and--most importantly--reducing the risk of misplacing securities that it held as custodian or pledgee.
In addition to the preceding paragraph, the Company shall, by a resolution of the Board of Directors and upon giving prior public notice, determine those shareholders and registered pledgees whose names appear as such in writing or in digital format on the register of shareholders as of a designated date as the shareholders or pledgees entitled to exercise their rights.
residing abroad) Shareholders, pledgees or their legal representatives residing in foreign countries shall establish their provisional addresses or (Delete) appoint their agents, in Japan, and shall notify such addresses or agents in accordance with the Share Handling Regulations.