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The pledgor, the pledgee or the execution officer can review the information registered with the Registry.
* pledgor's breach of his or her obligations under the collateral agreement, breach of representations related to his or her financial condition or that of the collateral (i.e., no liens or judgments on the collateral and that the collateral account is true, correct and complete);
* an act of anticipatory breach by pledgor or customer;
As a consequence, the trader derived "unconscionable windfalls from those Navajos who are financially unable to reclaim their pledges." To address this issue, the FTC recommended that traders be required to return to the original owner all surplus income gained through the sale of dead pawn, allowing traders to retain only a 10 percent "administrative fee." Furthermore, the surplus amount had to be returned to the pledgor in US currency and not other items of "equal value" from the store.
Whereas previously customers had to present their pawn ticket in order to redeem an item, this was no longer the case: "Redemption may not be denied on the sole ground that the pledgor is unable to produce a receipt or pawn ticket, provided the pledgor gives a reasonable description of the pawned item or makes an actual identification of the item." The law further stipulated that traders could not impose additional charges for lost pawn tickets.
Article 744 In the event of a pledge of the original pledge being made by the pledgor to some third person with the permission of the pledgee, the second pledge stands in the place of the first pledge, which becomes null and void.
Article 756 Neither the pledgor nor the pledgee may sell the pledge without the consent of the other.
The designation of an "Execution Agent" (he/she cannot be one of the parties involved in the pledge) is given to an individual licensed by the Ministry of Commerce and Investment ("MOCI") for practicing the act of enforcing pledged properties if the pledgor defaults and there are multiple pledgees.
The Security Rules also provide for a close out mechanism which permits enforcement of the pledge by way of sale of the Warrants by the DMCC (and the goods it represents) without recourse to the pledgor or a court order on receipt of a Close Out Settlement Instruction (as defined in the Security Rules) as prescribed in Rule 3 of the Security Rules.
9-207(c)(3) places a burden on pledgors to negotiate a
The ALTA Form 16 Endorsement also includes a "non-imputation" provision whereby the title insurance company agrees that it will not refuse to pay a claim to the mezzanine lender because of any fact previously known to any of the pledgors of the Equity Interests.
were the sponsors and pledgors. BDO Capital and Investment Corp.