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In short, the family of Ishmael appeared now to be in the plenitude of an enjoyment, which depended on inactivity, but which was not entirely free from certain confused glimmerings of a perspective, in which their security stood in some little danger of a rude interruption from Teton treachery.
It was in this emergency that Mr Willet displayed something of that strength of mind and plenitude of mental resource, which rendered him the admiration of all his friends and neighbours.
Cheikh El Assil, Fen M'hareche, R'Bouh et Thenka ne devront pas etre negliges malgre leur derniere sortie ou ils ont echoue alors qu'ils restaient sur de bons resultats, car pour peu qu'ils soient presentes dans la plenitude de leurs moyens, ils ne devraient redouter aucun concurrent au sprint final.
Dom Perignon Metamorphosis by Iris van Herpen marks the end of Dom Perignon Vintage 2004 as we know it in its first Plenitude and celebrates its pending metamorphosis into P2, or Second Plenitude of the Dom Perignon Vintage.
The terminal will therefore develop into an important part of Oman s food security strategy, making sure a plenitude of silo storage for grain commodities.
sand, plenitude of traces marking the discrete silences of the owl-dark
Ward's essay is well placed as the opening piece, for his evocation of plenitude serves as a subtle connecting thread among the other essays in this volume.
Among the many things the UAE should be proud of, one is that its spirit of generosity is directly proportional to its plenitude.
encense par une panoplie de convives qui viennent, chaque jour, chercher la beatitude de l'ame et la plenitude de l'esprit.
Today we have forsaken purloined brains for a plenitude of processed delights.
She considers "how dialectic and structure serve as points of genesis for something at once static and full of ontological plenitude.
Yet it is always pertinent to ask, of any apparent plenitude, what may be left out.