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He holds that utopianism is a vestige of what the philosopher Martin Heidegger calls "onto-theological thought," where the wish for a plenitudinous realm of unfettered life--a kind of Eden of absolute epistemological and ontological bliss--presupposes a transcendent position that is unreachable for human thought.
This is not to say that Erasmus's scriptural renovation fails to remove from the Vulgate many of its spurious accretions, nor that the art of discourse is fruitless for Erasmus, simply that the notion of an original text promised by a philological renovation according to the humanist goal of adfontes remains elusive, just as the plenitudinous meaning of the Gospel remains inexpressible through the application of a strictly literal hermeneutics.
However, that deep-rooted, plenitudinous I-centered subject of awe is a far cry from postmodern conceptions of the self as, typically, the tenuous construct of intersecting cultural codes.