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Stephen gets the first glimpse of Elfride's hair and Hardy comments on the latest fashion and approves it by saying that, Her plenteous twines of beautiful hair were looking much as usual, with the exception of a slight modification in their arrangement in deference to the changes to the fashions" (Hardy,1873).
In what was probably initially a sermon based on Psalm 130:7 ("Let Israel hope in the Lord; for with the Lord there is mercy, and with him is plenteous redemption") and then became a brief treatise, he focused on hope.
The lake's hinterlands are equally plenteous, with vineyards and farms dotting the surrounding hillsides.
Dear Vale when Spring thy charms unfold How pleasing tis to view Thy flowery meads and blooming groves Thy mountains['] vernal hue Or when triumphant Summer comes How sweet it is to stray And hear thy happy nymphs and swains To labour tune their lay Or when ripe Autumn's tawny vest Adorns each field and grove How charming mid thy plenteous stores With thankful heart to rove.
they are there for eternity, and for them purified spouses and we shall admit them into plenteous shade" (An-Nisa, 57).
While there are countries prospering by means of plenteous natural resources, some of these countries experience little or no economic development.
54) He even spells out a devotional procedure by which such empathy can be obtained, which is 'by directing your hands or your eyes up towards the crucifix, by striking your breast or devoutly bending your knees, or by other similar acts of piety, persisting till there come a plenteous flow of tears'.
The EU (IMP and PMI) is perplexed, puffing through plenteous packs.
Paul, Minnesota, which would be his Dublin on the prairie, a plenteous down-at-the-heel cosmos of characters waiting to be written about.
As 'a race', African Americans were, in his estimation, 'slow to anger and plenteous in mercy'.
Adamnan is also allowed to have a glance of the Celestial Jerusalem, which has the attributes of a moral and theological utopia: "This, then, is the manner of that City: A Kingdom without pride, or vanity, or falsehood, or outrage, or deceit, or pretence, or blushing, or shame, or reproach, or insult, or envy, or arrogance, or pestilence, or disease, or poverty, or nakedness, or death, or extinction, or hail, or snow, or wind, or rain, or din, or thunder, or darkness, or cold,-a noble, admirable, ethereal realm, endowed with the wisdom, and radiance, and fragrance of a plenteous land, wherein is the enjoyment of every excellence".
The USD 640 million dollars worth investment is situated in Morowali, Central Sulawesi in Indonesia, where the country has the most plenteous nickel reserves and annual output of more than 6 million tonnes.