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Naughty boys and girls in Utah may not find lumps of coal in their stockings this Christmas, despite the fact that the fossil fuel is plenteous in the Beehive State.
The bravura of the concerto''s outer movements gave the sisters plenteous opportunity for faceto-face four-handed dexterity on two interlocked grand pianos - definitely a notch up on a mere piano duet.
Oh, what a plenteous world of this will come; When air rains horns, all men be sure of some.
The clothing leaves nothing to the imagination, and Lady Macbeth's sexual ity is apparent in her plenteous bosom and the v-patterned emphases on her genital area.
followed by the list of the plenteous personifications present in the temple of Venus.
It kind of goes in cycles," Rivers said during a conference call about last week's plenteous passing performances, "and it seems like most recently, obviously, the statistics don't lie from last Sunday's games.
If we go back to sticks and stones and bows and arrows, while our enemies (and we do have enemies) possess large standing armies and plenteous nuclear weapons--how long will it take for them to attack a self-inflicted, weak-ended America?
Ultimately, we are left wondering about some of the ascribed personalities missing from this 70-minute edited litany of frequently plenteous lust and revenge.
A cupcake cutie (or two) with plenteous poufs of fudge frosting?
The fictional Holt County, a mythic landscape that is at the same time more desolate and more plenteous of spirit and beauty than any actual setting that one could find, is the stuff of moral allegory.
be the garden of the continent, a refound Eden, whose plenteous produce
In any case, the material herein that relates to a discourse (as "well as a dialectic) of communality is plenteous.