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Thou openest thine hand and fillest all things living with plenteousness.
The question would then be how God's maximal plenteousness can allow for the existence of a three-dimensional expanse that His Substance fails to incorporate.
Thus, if the IA is successful, traditional theists are rationally entitled to hold that God, notwithstanding His maximal plenteousness, is not all-inclusive.
Andrew Hadfield's chapter 'Translating the Reformation: John Bale's Irish Vocacyon' is all too brief but full of God's plenteousness.
It is true that working to establish a socialist system may, in the immediate present, call for extraordinary sacrifices; but the Law of the Hebrew religion was designed to provide economic and social conditions within which the man who obeyed religious precepts there set forth might see the time when "his generation should be blessed," and "riches and plenteousness would be in his house.