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We asked each respondent to indicate the level of importance they associated with each of the 19 items that corresponded to clean or plentiful water for various purposes and then in a separate question they were asked to indicate their satisfaction with the availability of each of the 19 items.
Spreads for 180 and 380-centistoke fuel oil are at around a discount of $4 per tone, showing there are still plentiful supplies but crude is looking firm.
Today coal is still in plentiful supply and is relatively cheap.
Those structures formed and grew when rainfall was plentiful but not during dry spells.
To create a shining "beacon" to welcome youths under a name that is both familiar and comforting, TONA is creating a courtyard at the main entrance with plentiful greenery and a brightly lit canopy identifying Covenant House.
Fr Symondson's erudite prose, the plentiful illustrations (many of which were made when the buildings and artefacts were just completed), and the Gazetteer by S.
The opportunities for making money outside of the government are plentiful (and, sadly, inside government, even more plentiful).
Cheap and plentiful alcohol could cause a health crisis reminiscent of the horrors of the 18th century "Gin Lane", a liver expert warned today.
He likened the plentiful sale of cheap alcohol to "Gin Lane" - depicted in an engraving by the artist William Hogarth, showing the rampant alcoholism that afflicted London's streets in 1751.
CHEAP and plentiful alcohol could cause a health crisis reminiscent of the horrors of the 18th-century Gin Lane, a Merseyside liver expert warned today.
Extracted from palm trees, a plentiful natural resource, the oil can be supplied more stably than petroleum-based counterparts.
More jobs will almost certainly be the result in places like Brazil, where labor is cheaper and less regulated and farmland for cane sugar is plentiful.