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Recognition that the global energy future must be based on low-cost rather than high-cost fuels, on abundance, not scarcity, and on widespread availability, not a scenario of plentifulness for some and zero availability for others, has led to a major rethinking of energy options.
27) The plentifulness of basic provisions and the frequency of exceptionally 'cheap years', so often alluded to in contemporary sources, is confirmed by statistics assembled by historians which show that after sharp rises in the 1630s and 1640s the direction of food prices was distinctly downwards.
The use of such basic rhetorical devices makes it impossible to consider poetic language to be factual and strictly true, as Liu Xie himself points out in chapter 37, which is devoted to a discussion of hyperbolic descriptions (kuashi): "Thus in speaking of height, the cliff is said to reach to the sky; in stressing closeness, the river is described as unable to hold a skiff; in emphasizing plentifulness, it is said that the descendants number in the thousands of millions; and in underscoring paucity, it is said that not a single survivor is left.
At the same time, the conceptual figure affects the material base, which in turn contributes to smallness and a plentifulness of agencies harmonizing with the anti-bureaucratic notion.
I think you ought to be told that your newer poems are in many ways your best: they indicate a fruition of consciousness, and a plentifulness of spirit, and care, in an apparent though not real spareness.
We can thank the Romans for the plentifulness of apples in the world today.
Muscat, May 3(ONA) The 5th version of Al Roya Economic Forum titled "Omani Economy from Crisis to Plentifulness of Opportunities," will be kick-off tomorrow"Wednesday" under the auspices of Yahya bin Said al-Jabri, Chairman of the Special Economic Zone Authority of Duqm (SEZAD).