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For example, the idea of "desolate lack" has prompted people to place "kev noj kev haus," or plentifulness (food) very high on the list of cultural core values.
Category manager Eric Craig said: "Our research shows price is less important at Christmas while brands, packaging and plentifulness becomes more important.
The use of such basic rhetorical devices makes it impossible to consider poetic language to be factual and strictly true, as Liu Xie himself points out in chapter 37, which is devoted to a discussion of hyperbolic descriptions (kuashi): "Thus in speaking of height, the cliff is said to reach to the sky; in stressing closeness, the river is described as unable to hold a skiff; in emphasizing plentifulness, it is said that the descendants number in the thousands of millions; and in underscoring paucity, it is said that not a single survivor is left.