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The OD of the discharge plenum matches the dimension of the box outlet so that a simple "S and drive" duct connection can be made without any fittings.
At the 1992 third plenum, Deng Xiaoping signaled a resumption of economic reform, taking his now famous southern tour.
2 m (41 ft X 28 ft X 17 ft) reverberation room via an unlined 38 m (125 ft) duct in which plenums could be inserted.
Although all of the electrical power input to the lighting system is eventually converted to heat, the transport of lighting energy is very complex, particularly for a recessed luminaire, involving all three heat transfer mechanisms--radiation, convection, and conduction--to two spaces, the conditioned space and the ceiling plenum.
Though not obvious in its relation to the use of cables within plenum spaces, notes were introduced into several articles related to cables in plenums in the 2005 NEC.
The third, Big Plenums, design is the same as the original but with larger distributor and collector tube diameters, 0.
While the rules mandating the use of specific fire-safe cable types and banning abandoned wires in risers and plenums were adopted in late 2002, the debate has been ongoing for years.
It is important to investigate the entire air delivery system -- look with fluoroscopes at the ventilation system from a hygienic standpoint, such as the ceiling plenum and interstitial spaces.
Karl Ganser, head of the UIA's Scientific Committee suggested that every building should have a 'deconstruction plan' and that 'everything we build should be gently returned into the cycle of nature', In an early plenum devoted to 'The Built and the Natural', Thomas Herzog, one of Germany's most active and evangelizing eco-architects, looked at lessons drawn from tradition and history, exploring vernacular architecture from Venice, Tunis and the Yemen.
Phase I of the study, conducted in 2003 and 2004, studied the hydrodynamic phenomena of the M-hull as a captured air plenum design, investigated performance prediction methods and evaluated its potential as a future Naval ship concept, with the Stiletto being one variant of the concept.
The bill was given a go-ahead three hours after midnight on Saturday even though the Professor and Student Plenums had insisted that the procedure be halted and that the contention legislation be withdrawn.
To meet the experimental objectives economically, a Taguchi designed fractional factorial experiment (a reduced experimental subset of a full factorial experiment) was developed using the four test parameters most likely to be used for similar-use plenums and most likely to affect the output (Fowlkes 1995).