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A raised-floor plenum distributes cooling air from computer room air handlers (CRAHs) to the data-center room through perforated tiles to maintain required IT inlet temperatures.
The OD of the discharge plenum matches the dimension of the box outlet so that a simple "S and drive" duct connection can be made without any fittings.
TC 2.6 directed a follow-on investigation where numerical simulation was used to predict the transmission loss of plenums (Herrin et al., 2007).
As the NEC entered its 2008 revision cycle, the issue of two alternative minimums for cables within plenums is still unresolved.
The third, Big Plenums, design is the same as the original but with larger distributor and collector tube diameters, 0.0508 m compared to 0.035 m for the original design, Figure 2c.
The 2002 edition of the NEC is amended in at least nine locations to explicity permit the deployment of specific types of wires (telephone, fiber, cable, fire alarm, power--see Table) in risers and plenums without the requirement of a metal raceway or conduit.
* It is important to investigate the entire air delivery system -- look with fluoroscopes at the ventilation system from a hygienic standpoint, such as the ceiling plenum and interstitial spaces.
Karl Ganser, head of the UIA's Scientific Committee suggested that every building should have a 'deconstruction plan' and that 'everything we build should be gently returned into the cycle of nature', In an early plenum devoted to 'The Built and the Natural', Thomas Herzog, one of Germany's most active and evangelizing eco-architects, looked at lessons drawn from tradition and history, exploring vernacular architecture from Venice, Tunis and the Yemen.
Classes will be boycotted and instead lectures, discussions and debates would be held in which professors from the Professor Plenum, who gave students unequivocal support, will also take part.
The solution was two specially engineered plenums constructed to a radius that permitted them to be mounted directly on the conveyor track inside the block filler.
As a result, building code officials are concerned about the buildup of cables in air-return plenum spaces, where much of this cabling is installed, because of its relatively easy access and almost universal proximity to work areas.
"Testing for leaks in underfloor plenums." ASHRAEJournal 53(12).