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The most prominent characteristics of the administrative style found in witness statements are "unintentional" pleonasms and semi-copulative and/ or copulative verbs with complements.
Indeed, Burton's use of the pleonasm enacts the very rejection of ambition from which he divorces himself in this passage.
Against this background "strategic entrepreneurship" seems to be a pleonasm (Dr.
Marc Crepon, Bernard Stiegler showed that the participatory democracy is not a pleonasm.
To talk of a "modern cult of the leader" constitutes a pleonasm.
I am convinced that Emerson's "rude truth" was meant by Emerson to be an evident pleonasm.
But the importance of the subject matter addressed in this provocative book requires pleonasm in order to locate this important issue in the forefront of policy makers and others concerned about political stability and peaceful coexistence.
Those tendencies were effectively promoted by the English prescriptivist and purist tradition stigmatising pleonasm and tautology (cf.
Before that, the affirmation of a distinction, perhaps needed: it concerns the divide in modernity between (if the pleonasm can be tolerated) religious religion and political religion.
Strictly speaking, "disinterested inquirer" is a kind of pleonasm, and "biased inquirer" a kind of oxymoron.
For an example of scepticism about the utility of this characterisation, see Glover, Commercial Equity, above n 108, 142: 'the expression "duty of loyalty" denotes little more than a duty to obey duty--which is a pleonasm.
Another noteworthy insight he made is the fact that "erroneous misspellings is more a pleonasm than a double negative; misspellings alone does the work" (CW, June 1989).