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In order to verify the claim that DC may be viewed as phatic pleonasm, the rhythmic patterns of the comparatives need to be investigated.
To conclude, the low distribution of DC in poetry and the low incidence of potentially rhythm-induced instances in general lends limited support to the analysis of DC in ME as phatic pleonasm, as clearly for the majority of tokens (c.
Still, the more-support hypothesis is clearly confirmed for 69% of all tokens rendering the concord pleonasm interpretation feasible.
The two defining aspects of pleonasm may remain in opposition in the case of DC (cf.
In so doing, he manages to educate readers without risking the loss of their attention through pleonasms or circumlocution.
Actually, the recommended method is conveyed by means of a syntax characterized by accumulations and pleonasms.
Another possible area of study is the dialect of film gangsters, slightly punch-drunk in pronunciation and full of pleonasms ("The boss, he wants to see you
He lists the pleonasms most likely to offend (free gift; repeat again; surrounded on all sides); why we should never use commence when we mean begin; the differences between American English and British English spelling (gray/grey); the subtle differences between commonly mixed-up words such as luxurious and luxuriant; and contentious issues about the split infinitive and whether you should use a napkin or serviette.
Her lush, page-long sentences, filled with expansive pleonasms, gorgeous metaphors, and mind-boggling associative leaps that sometimes ride roughshod over the rules of syntax, weave a dense, miraculous tapestry that time and again leaves me breathless.