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The advertising campaign also featured subway ads that looked quite similar to the plethora of reality television show advertisements that line the New York City Subway, and twitter (https://twitter.
One of the surest things you can count on every football season is the plethora of fairy tales on the new heroes--every one of whom is hailed at the greatest quarterback, runner, or linebacker in the history of mankind.
Enter the words "Asian women" in Google and a plethora of interracial (white male-Asian female) dating and porn (again, white male-Asian female) sites are returned.
Several parents, teachers and students explain the benefits of Mounds View, touting it as a high achieving school that offers a plethora of programs for any interest.
That program would have allowed the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to search a plethora of government and private databases to assess the threat posed by each traveler.
The chosen 12 people had to fit certain skill sets, providing a plethora of knowledge for all sectors and at the same time have experience as board members, says Derik Brandt manager of the Thunder Bay tourism and economic development division.
Then in the 1970s, the Japanese taught us that it was possible to obtain a plethora of design options at economical prices to the consumer and high margins to the manufacturer.
The debate has produced a plethora of unofficial Web sites, many of them using "Anglican" or "Anglican Communion" in their domain names.
The IRM applies a statistical analysis to really understand the security and compliance risks a company faces, especially under the plethora of new laws, including Sarbanes-Oxley.
It is not difficult to End a plethora of reviews and literary criticism of the works of Ernest J.
The unruly unconscious supplied a language--if cacophonous--with which to question conventions of subjectivity while proposing a plethora of "difference.