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Furthermore, it is not simply that this conclusion is derived from the play's plethoric platitudes.
Parameter Polycythemia vera Anoxemic or secondary polycythemia Fundamental Hyperplastic Anoxemia situation panmyelopathy Etiology Unknown Anoxemia (altitude, cardiac, pulmonary) Bone marrow Excessive Excessive erythropoiesis erythroleuko- thrombocytopoiesis Clinical Plethoric Cyanosis, chronic appearance, pulmonary disease, splenomegaly congenital cardiac disease Blood Pancytosis, No pancytosis erythrocytosis, leukocytosis Blood volume High High Red cell High High volume Plasma Normal or Low volume increased Arterial oxygen Normal Diminished saturation
The plethoric madness of Thersites' list was lost in this crude spelling-out.
In the conformation of their identity, the American management, plethoric of incentives so that it developed in all its fullness an exacerbated individualism, had already absorbed the initial contributions of the engineers, and then relegated to the rest of the social scientists, in good measure to the role of taxpayers disciplined to the greater harmony and integration of the organizational membership in the execution of the behavior patterns established for the administrative discipline in an almost corporate way.
On examination the patient might be anaemic or have a plethoric appearance due to long-term smoking.
He says the two have proceeded largely in isolation from each other, but have much in common both epistemologically and methodologically, and would both benefit from coming together into a plethoric epistemology.
Transthoracic 2-dimensional echocardiography showed dilation of the right ventricle and atrium associated with a plethoric inferior vena cava (Fig.
Lipton (1977) postulated, "in the midst of plethoric plenty, the people perish".
Specifically, postmortem evidence of cardiac hypertrophy was seen in the larger plethoric twins, although no such evidence was noted in ultrasound scans taken within 2 weeks of the intrauterine deaths, the investigators reported.
Mr John Hall cited such an excuse within his plethoric media interviews, thereupon reflecting badly on any business acumen when the land was sold to Samsung.
5) Routinely and persistently, uterine dysfunction--uterine or hysterical because of its origin in the womb--of all sorts and manifestations threatens the female subject, who may suffer from amenorrhea (cessation of menstruation) or plethoric conditions due to malign buildups of putrefied blood or female sperm, an Aristotelian invention that Galenic and Paracelsan medicine simply accommodate.
One reason for the plethoric upsurge of Australian history (or "history") courses is the very fact that this subject makes, just as the equally fashionable subject of philosophy makes, no demands whatever upon a student's general learning.