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The vibration displacement of rail plays an important role in the rail irregularity, and the plethoric displacement of rail may affect the ride safety.
One of the irrefutable evidences to this effect is that, on most occasions which it resonates, it is accompanied by or even coincides with an excessive corporeal expenditure and loss: outpouring or overflowing of a part of body or that of a bodily fluid such as blood, vomit, crying, convulsive menstrual flows, delirious and hysterical laughters, all illustrating the plethoric manner the subject (and its entrenched ego boundaries and solid folds of the self) are trespassed, violated, expelled, expanded; expressive of at once abject and sublime nature of such states: "MY WALLS WERE FALLING /Yes/MY LIMBS CLAUDIUS MY HEAD/IN ALL DIRECTIONS/Yes/ I DID NOT THINK/AT THE CRY'S END/I COULD BE STILL INTACT/ Yes/CLAUDIUS" (Barker 2002, 71).
88) So, they simplify drastically the plethoric structure of the long versions, focusing on the destiny of the sinners and alluding, at least marginally, to the fate of the righteous.
In addition, the moderate cardiomegaly and plethoric appearance of the lung fields raise suspicion for an intracardiac left-to-right shunt (e.
Post mortem external examination was remarkable for the deeply left plethoric appearance of the head and upper chest, neck region.
Hepatic disorders are obvious, and accompanied by headaches, high blood pressure, eruptive skin disorders and plethoric venous congestion.
Mucor constitutional types are more plethoric, hypertensive, congested, and lacking circulation in all body areas from brain to heart to liver, to phlebitis and diabetic ulcers.
As for those individuals who perceive themselves in an idealized manner and yearn to accredit an image that others did not recognize, in Communist Romania, in addition to the recovery of Romanian culture really values during the years of '65-'80, the propaganda apparatus have constructed an identity whose essence was reduced to plethoric and triumphant statements--and even today we can not say that political discourse would be released from this inheritance.
Afghan generals, whose vision of the security was that of the Cold War, thought Afghanistan needed strong, rather plethoric, armed forces.