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Furthermore from a clinician's point of view, TUS (in comparison to a chest radiograph) can confidently differentiate between pleural fluid, dense consolidation and a raised hemidiaphragm.
Pleural fluid ADA estimation was done using Kit from Microxpress subdivision of Tulip Diagnostic (P) Ltd.
6 or LDH of the fluid greater than 2/3 of the upper limit of the serum normal value and with more than 50% of lymphocytes (18) with no identified aetiology the study of which included ZN of pleural fluid or tissue, culture of pleural fluid or pleural tissue for M.
If the pleural fluid protein was >3g/dl, the pleural fluid to serum protein ratio was >0.
9 The diagnostic yield of pleural fluid Cytology for MPE shows even more wide range from 40% to 90%.
This restriction enzyme (Taq1) gave three different patterns with all isolated strains, isolated strains from pleural fluid and conjunctiva contained restriction fragment pattern (rfp1) and isolated strains from nasopharynx contained rfp1 and rfp2 (Figure 2).
As presented in Table 3, all of the cases that had a pleural fluid sample from the patient show it to be an exudate as LDH is >1000, meeting Light's criteria as well as the two-test and three-test rules [15,16].
TB investigations, including a tuberculin skin test, gastric lavage and pleural fluid TB microscopy and culture, were performed when TB was clinically suspected and at the discretion of the attending clinicians.
Typical findings of posteriorly layering pleural fluid include a subtle gradient of opacity in the lower chest, blunting of the lateral sulci, loss of a perceptible diaphragm, and loss of vascular marking below the diaphragm.