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Corticosteroids exert anti-inflammatory effects on the immune system and also act to decrease collagen and glycosaminoglycan synthesis whilst increasing collagen and fibroblast breakdown.18 Intralesional corticosteroid injection has been widely accepted and implemented in the management of HS and keloids.7-10,17,19 Observable reduction in the scar volume and an improvement in the scar pliability, height, and symptoms can be achieved with intralesional injection therapy.
Patient characteristics (n=105) Age (*) (year) 39.79[+ or -]11.99 Gravida (median (minimum-maximum)) 2 (0-9) BMI (*) (kg/[m.sup.2]) 24.55[+ or -]4.37 Skin thickness (*) 1.56[+ or -]0.64 Site of entry (#) Infraumbilical 35 (33.3) Supraumbilical 36 (34.3) Transumbilical 34 (32.4) Incision (#) Vertical 53 (50.4) Transverse 52 (49.5) Trocar entry time (min) (median 2 (1-5) (minimum-maximum)) Veress needle (#) Not used 17 (16.2) Used 88 (83.8) Duration of the operation (*) (min) 94.90[+ or -]42.88 Vascularity (*) 1.21[+ or -]0.50 Pigmentation (*) 1.54[+ or -]0.57 Pliability (*) 1.28[+ or -]0.70 Height (*) 0.89[+ or -]0.66 Total (*) 4.94[+ or -]1.58 (*) ; mean[+ or -]SD, (#); n (%); BMI; body mass index Table 2.
The comparison for Vancouver Scar Scale VSS results among the two groups for pre and post-treatment assessment the data were analyzed using nonparametric test (Mann-Whitney Test) to detect any significant differences between the two groups, the obtained results showed that comparing the results in pre and post revealed highly significant differences for pigmentation, vascularity, pliability and height as p=0.0001.
Adjusting the pliability of rubber polymers used to make coatings and adding silicone or other lubricants such as vegetable oil amplifies the effect, Anish Tuteja, a materials science engineer at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and colleagues found.
Hashish may be solid or resinous depending on the preparation; pressed hashish is usually solid, whereas water-purified hashish (often called "bubble melt hash") is often a paste-like substance with varying hardness and pliability, its color most commonly light to dark brown can vary to see-through glass varying toward yellow/tan, black or red.
Investigators evaluated the qualified scar using the Vancouver Scar Scale (VSS), which assesses scar vascularity, height/thickness, pliability, pigmentation, pain and itch symptoms.
Moreover, I argue that Vandover's behavior, defined by a "certain pliability" (20), should be understood as a defensive tactic for negotiating diminished socioeconomic expectations, even though it does not prevent his failure at the novel's end.
Without looking at what's in their artificial hands, amputees have no more knowledge of an object's pliability than excavator operators have of the rubble they're scooping.
The VSS scores with respect to scar vascularity, pliability, pigmentation, and height are shown in [Figure 5].
As I prepare for my departure, I reminiscence on the few weeks I spent in Nigeria, the courage and pliability of the man whose life does not depend or benet from the system, the faith of the dying soul without health care, and to the doggedness of a student without a student nance.
derma eStretchMarkCremeis formulated to optimize skin evenness, pliability and comfort.
These white "angels" have been formed in a fashion that emphasizes the pliability of the material.