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Indeed the moon, liquid and pliable in the first days of its formation, was originally a perfect sphere; but being soon drawn within the attraction of the earth, it became elongated under the influence of gravitation.
You suppose marvellous powers in the artist; but, as language is more pliable than wax or any similar substance, let there be such a model as you propose.
My sister Sarah, with all the advantages of youth, was, strangely enough, less pliable.
Who could be much with so pliable and beautiful a creature, and not yield to her endearing influence?
He appeared disposed to add more, but indignation choked his utterance, so he lifted up one of his very pliable legs, and, flourishing it above his head a little, to insure his aim, administered a good sound kick to Gabriel Grub; immediately after which, all the goblins in waiting crowded round the wretched sexton, and kicked him without mercy, according to the established and invariable custom of courtiers upon earth, who kick whom royalty kicks, and hug whom royalty hugs.
Contract Awarded for Supply of FLEXIBLE STEEL CONDUIT PLIABLE #001 TO DRG.
Given the fact that the outgoing CAG had given a tough time to the government and some of the biggest corporates in the country, the absence of any procedure for the CAG selection creates scope for the government, in collusion with those corporates, to select a completely pliable person as a successor.
This pliable reinforcement carrier membrane for use in a coated membrane composite includes a pliable nonwoven fibrous mat of entangled polymeric fibers and a hydrophobic binder.
The vet said that at seven weeks kittens' bones are still soft and pliable and unlikely to break but I'm still a bit concerned about his limping.
Big Mama is a feeding hen made of a pliable material that folds for transport.
Now, another group suggests that such pliable material could be something more mundane: a modern-day film of bacterial slime.
In this case, it's pliable breast of chicken, thinly cut and flattened out, boneless and inviting, sporting a smoky flavor and served with a generous portion of whole boiled beans and assorted grilled al dente vegetables.