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After a week, much of the remaining material was surprisingly soft and pliable, say the researchers.
Remaining gentle and pliable is a cornerstone to low-intensity management.
It is a heavily documented study that concentrates on social mobility and conflict within the ranks of early seventeenth-century Lower Austrian nobility, as represented by the rivalries between its Catholic and Protestant factions and by the Habsburg dynasty's efforts to introduce confessional conformity and thus transform the province's elite into a pliable tool of Imperial policy.
For a chewy texture, the Stathams dry the fruit just until it's leathery but still pliable. Then they snap off stems and store the persimmons airtight in the freezer.
Contract Awarded for Supply of FLEXIBLE STEEL CONDUIT PLIABLE #001 TO DRG.32570801012 REV.00 NOM.
The oily PCBs kept the sealant pliable so that it could expand and contract with the weather.
Across smooth Mondrianesque surfaces, long clean forms seem to unwind in slow motion, as if each picture were a testing laboratory for some kind of dense, pliable material.
Although thin, pliable, and easy to handle, Surgisis is strong enough to hold sutures or staples.
These soft, flexible resins are used for pliable liding of yogurt cups, industrial and medical tubing, and adhesives.
His aim was to have dancers whose feet were as pliable as an elephant's trunk when it picks up a peanut, yet very strong (also true of the elephant's trunk).
It is sufficiently pliable to conform to and allow the inner construction of a specialized mattress to perform its intended function.
For each hat, you'll need a 14-inch square of corrugated cardboard (smooth on both sides) for the brim and a 24-inch square of pliable cardboard wrap (smooth on one side) for the cone.