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Yet Sachs still manages to misinterpret his pliancy as 'cowardice.
Documenting this quality of compulsive pliancy, Leonowens' narrative of tutelage in The Romance of the Harem ultimately yields a series of strategic remakings, reminiscent of the praxes of internationalized women's activism proposed by Frank Shaw in 1845.
I know, as you do, that your power sits solely in the pliancy of us people-and I refuse to sit idly as you crave our control.
Of the actors in the theatre of Bacchus, in Athens, where the tragedies of Sophocles and the other Greek poets were played, it is recorded that they observed a rigid diet, in order to give strength and clearness to their vocalization, and that they regularly frequented gymnasiums, in order to acquire muscular energy and pliancy of limbs.
From his credentials and political history, Paul Ryan is a younger, more charismatic edition of John Boehner, favored by the Washington establishment for his ideological pliancy and willingness to continue the seemingly never-ending era of unrestrained government growth.
AGEs can prompt collagen crosslinking, resulting in collagen elasticity loss and decreases pliancy of the arteries and myocardium [4].
96) Appointees selected by the President and a council, Hamilton reasoned, would "possess[] the necessary insignificance and pliancy to render them the obsequious instruments of [the President's] pleasure.
The pliancy of data inputs allows data of different types to be used in HSI models; however, applying a model parameterized with lower fidelity data limits the extent to which the model can be considered reliable.
The fat bonuses and gratis vacations bought Taylor pliancy from his top deputies, former staffers say, but not dedication to the fund's best interests.
Coterminous with flame, it helps signal the transitivity amongst radically different elements, a figurative pliancy, which extends into the transformation of form into movement, and the inhabiting of sense almost void of consciousness (being the 'flame' in an after-effect kindled by the dance).
Furthermore, behavior within the assembly suggests that those who were chosen may have been selected based on their loyalty or at least pliancy to the party elites.