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Country: , USASector: ElectronicsTarget: Pliant Technology IncBuyer: SanDisk CorporationDeal size in USD: 327mType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed
Integrating Pliant's solid state technology was a seamless process and a natural fit," said Greg Goelz, vice president of marketing, Pliant Technology.
The Pliant Lightning LS300, Lightning LS150 and Lightning LB150 are being delivered for OEM evaluation and qualification, and will be available via authorized channel partners in September 2009.
With a strong commitment to its extensive R&D program, Pliant will continue to expand the Empower portfolio of packaging technologies for sustainability.
When the washer is used as a fastener to secure lock nut assemblies, the tempered steel washer exhibits a pliant flexible characteristic that reduces bolt loosening and eliminates vibration wobbling.
It is for you, those lovely gifts in the Muses' violet-scented laps, my girls, to pursue in earnest, and the keen, vibrant lyre as well: but my own skin and flesh, once so pliant, old age now takes over, and my dark hair is turning white; so my soul grows heavy, and my knees can't hold me, that once matched the light-footed dance of fawns.
The pliant hairs of the brush, the life force of the carbon that constitutes the ink, and the spontaneity of the brushed letters all work together to express the spirit of the calligrapher.
Pliant, a maker of stretch films and other specialty packaging, is looking at building plants in the Middle and/or Far East.
The cables are fully cam pliant to the ICEA outside plant cable standard and Telcordia GR-20-CORE Issue 2 requirements.
Because the pliant membrane is also more responsive than the cantilever to forces imposed by a sample's surface, its motions yield information about properties that affect those forces, Degertekin adds.
It may be that the Administration worried that some of its specific requests were simply too intrusive and expansive even for the pliant FISA court, and so Bush's people simply skirted the court.
Next week, the guys troll for dates at an abortion rally; their pro-choice stance refers only to choosing the most available woman rendered pliant by their pseudo-concern (whichever side of the debate she might be on).