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The handling operation of pick-up, transport and laydown of cut prepreg plies from one surface to another is in this paper defined as pick-and-place.
Inspection of composite plies is an important step in AFP manufacturing.
This instability was further reinforced by the pelvic tilt displayed by the dancers during demi-plies and grand plies, that tended to move from the neutral position (ideal) to retroversion (a detrimental position for the lumbar spine, for example).
theta]]) are O[degrees] plies and [theta][degrees] plies number, respectively.
She believes that the most constructive plies are passionate and voluptuous.
actual dimensions and can be used, for example, to help an operator position parts in a fixture for secondary operations or plies in a mold.
Polymer treatment of one or both plies increased the strength of laminates with low PCC contents due to enhanced cellulose-cellulose adhesion.
The SF-2 2-ply hose features a smooth inner ply for minimum friction and is wound with a fiberglass cord, with a spring steel wire embedded between the plies, and is vulcanized for strength.
This is a continuous pasted-pocket mailer with seven plies, having an overall size of 11" x 6".
The first and second plies are made up of substantially parallel metallic reinforcing cords embedded in a rubber composition that are inclined with respect to the equatorial plane of the tire, and the cords of the first ply are inclined with respect to the cords of the second ply.