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Patricia Wilkinson NECC director of training and skills development, and one of the team members, said of the event: "The Plod was incredibly challenging, but despite enduring hours of walking over really difficult terrain we all pushed ourselves very hard for the cause and all the aches and pains were well worth it.
Apparently, on occasions, I would threaten to set my dog - or should that be, mild-mannered cat - on bewildered passers-by as PC Plod oversaw the latest batch of time-keeping devices, making sure they didn't come anywhere near our watch factory as it stepped up production.
The Plod is sponsored by the Vale of Glamorgan Council's Life Style health and fitness gyms, based at the leisure centres in Barry, Cowbridge, Llantwit Major and Penarth, and is organised in association with Penarth and Dinas Runners.
Because that same idiot knows that when you wake to a heap of glass where the car window once was, yes, you COULD call the plod.
And to show there are no hard feelings Sly and Gobbo are even let out of jail by PC Plod to go to the fair - after they promise to be good.
I also remember being sent home early when the snow got too deep and the long plod home.
The lead parts were supported by a bevy of beauties, a pestilence of pirates, and a plod of policemen.
LOCAL and visiting runners will be under starter's orders on Sunday, April 27, for the annual Porthkerry Plod.
INS AND OUTS: Rod the Plod returns but his long-suffering aunt Jackie will be off
Noddy, Big Ears, Mr Plod and their Toyland friends were created in 1949 by Enid Blyton and brought to life through the illustrations of Dutchman Harmsen Van Der Beek.
Tom Dailey, Managing Director, Europe, noted, &uot;For years, European imaging vendors have been telling Lyra that competing companies plod along and are too shallow in their analysis, among other things.