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Then he plodded down the road himself, to the water tank, where half a dozen empties lay on a side-track waiting for the up freight.
A mile in the rear plodded Erirola, the whale tooth in the basket slung on his shoulder.
Henry made no reply, and plodded on alone, though often he cast anxious glances back into the grey solitude where his partner had disappeared.
To the best of Bradley's reckoning they were some twenty-five miles north of Fort Dinosaur, and that they might reach the fort on the following day, they plodded on until darkness overtook them.
Up the avenue there plodded slowly a man with sullen eyes.
Even as Alleyne watched them they turned upon their heels and plodded off together upon their way.
He plodded on for half an hour, when the hallucination arose again.
Hour after hour he doggedly plodded through one case of murder after another.
With such reflections as these I was endeavouring to console myself, as I plodded home from the fields, one cold, damp, cloudy evening towards the close of October.