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Jose Enrique, a plodder for much of the campaign, suddenly looked like an adventurous leftback marauding down the wing time and again.
There may have been some dull and decent plodders and a couple of clever types in the family in the past - apparently Dr Samuel Johnson thought quite highly of a Hervey he met at Lichfield - but they seem to be outnumbered by libertines, licentious seducers and crooks.
If the fans believe the team will suddenly transform from inconsistent mid-table plodders to the quality of Man United or the Gunners, they probably think that Hoddle can walk on water too.
To prove it, he invented the "Tiddleycove Slo-Pitch Softball League," and printed in his paper standings for four fake teams: the Trotters, Walkers, Slo-Pokes, and Plodders.
Being someone who has had to learn how to navigate the vicissitudes of my moods that can swing from agony to ecstasy in the space of one afternoon, I have looked upon plodders with varying degrees of admiration, bewilderment and scorn.
It's not that our history is dull," he writes, "it's that most of our historians are pedantic plodders, and the way they teach Canadian history is lacking in the human touch.
Most of us, he found (presumably after slogging through piles of printed matter), are plodders.
Plodders need a quiet workspace and time with their managers at least weekly.
Often regarded as dull or lacking ambition, plodders are not stupid or even slow workers.
Dressed in his trademark black shirt, Bilic exudes the kind of Euro-cool that plodders like Lee Dixon and Alan Shearer can only dream about.
WITH the weather set fair in Sicily and the venue's main defence (the wind) unlikely to be a factor, two young bucks can assert themselves over a pair of experienced but undynamic plodders, writes Steve Palmer.