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Franceschina, a former Penn State theater professor, translates Pan's enormous IMDB vitae, often ploddingly, into prose, touring through the creation of numbers like "The Piccolino" and "Cheek to Cheek," from Top Hat (1935); "Bojangles of Harlem," from Swingtime (1936); "Fun House," from A Damsel in Distress (it garnered Pan an Academy Award for Dance Direction in 1937); and "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off," on roller skates, from Shall We Dance (1937).
Ploddingly dull with a formulaic storyline that inevitably succumbs to cliche while failing to muster half the eroticism of The Chippendales.
According to The Indian Express Newspaper while the dialogue process continues ploddingly, the visit of Indian PM to Pakistan now seems highly unlikely.
Uncharacteristically ploddingly, Putin charged Western interference: "They heard the signal and with the support of the US State Department began active work." It was the protesters who showed wit and resourcefulness this time: "Are we here because Hillary Clinton texted us?" Some protesters carried badminton rackets, a reference to Putin and Medvedev's squeaky-clean sportiness.
Although a number of processes modulate what apparently may be a ploddingly protracted affair, the primary restraint on the rate of development of disease resistance, on which these modulators build, is the number of loci potentially conferring disease resistance (see also Hallander & Waldmann 2007).
The wheels of the plot turn ploddingly and have to do with some corrupt cops wanting to bust Zaza's drug-using high school son, Ika (also well played by Irakli Ramishvili), as a way of blackmailing him.
going to a Moliere play Monday night and I'm trying to read it beforehand--have done one act--Les Fourberies de Scapin--with delight, even though I go ploddingly. (11 Dec.
big step and marriage is difficult," she Then we have our national team, wading through treacle in the last Six Nations looking over-coached, ploddingly predictable and so lacking in firepower.
Senior leaders are notorious for making pragmatic, ploddingly linear decisions especially when faced with breakthrough technologies.
Perhaps less successful was Litton's rather lumpen performance of Finzi's delightful Eclogue for Piano and Strings, a piece full of English gentility and wistfulness which began rather ploddingly, but improved as it progressed.
This means that the essays and reviews in Modern Age were to be scholarly in tone and precise in argument, but not ploddingly technical and self-consciously academic.
(232) Church taxes had been permanently, albeit ploddingly, abolished in the United States.