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Nationalism, in the particular context of Britain at war for much of the 1790s and the first fifteen years of the new century, has long been viewed as the counterrevolutionary orthodoxy of a people united on the large scale by their shared or replicated local bonds of intimacy with things on the small scale: with the little plot of ground to which they belong, with family, and with traditional values.
They started off with a muddy disused plot of ground and have created a wonderful garden.
Nibbling at an assortment of fresh fruits during our interview in Portland, Oregon, she tells of working beside her mother on a small plot of ground she called her farm.
Having identified the elements in a collection of samples, archaeologists can map a plot of ground according to the elements' concentrations.
The Western Committee of Cork County Council has recommended the sale of a plot of ground in Dunmanway at the below market price of EUR20,000 to facilitate the Bowl Cumman Na Heireann Project.
Living in prison, constantly surrounded by other men, men who swore and yelled, who threatened and talked trash, made tending a small plot of ground a sure way to get privacy and have a peaceful moment.
No doubt there are people around who would say it about the plot of ground currently occupied by the Town Hall.
He believed that the slaves shouldn't have their own gardens because they were going to be more interested in cultivating their plot of ground than the plantation fields.
Another of Donaldson's friends said: "Justin was building a new home on a plot of ground owned by his dad and Frankie was planning to build right next door.
In most cases, you can turn any plot of ground into a fairly substantial raised-bed garden--in little time and for a modest cost.
When author Faye Ashley turns and prepares a plot of ground, what she's really doing is some serious plotting.