plot of land

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In early May, the foundation was reported to be purchasing a plot of land to host one of its projected universities in ystanbul's BaE-akE-ehir district for TL 3 million, even though the area had been valued by the Finance Ministry as being worth up to TL 606 million.
The ISF's Drug Combatting Bureau had received a tip that a plot of land in Harissa was being exploited to plant cannabis.
The government is hoping to settle the dispute by allocating each country a different plot of land on the outskirts of the capital.
The plot of land will be used to set up a manufacturing plant with an investment of Dh220 million for buildings, machinery and infrastructure.
The minister said that a group of up to four individuals are authorised to reserve a single plot of land provided that they meet certain conditions mentioned in the terms of reference.
A similar size plot of land at the junction of Farnworth Street sold in June for PS60,000.
The local businessman, in a statement to Limassol CID, said he got in touch with the two Bulgarians who were working at an estate agent in 2008 with a view to purchasing a plot of land.
The new clinker factory will be built over a 7 hectare plot of land having a production capacity of 2 million tons per year.
The original old- age home was being run by The Earth Saviours Foundation on a private plot of land which was given to them on lease.
He added: "The move follows the announcement at our annual meeting in March that we were considering buying a plot of land, so we have been pursuing this move for the last few months.
The two parties fought over a disputed plot of land, a local cemetery where Toaiman is planning to build a home.
Abu Dhabi Civil Court heard yesterday that the Arab woman had sought help from her neighbour when she wanted to buy a plot of land.