plot together

See: conspire
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The two of them will plot together to bust out of Arkham Asylum.
He was part of the process of the evolution right from the time I had the plot together.
The "pretenders" escalate violence and bring both lines of the plot together as the various characters intermingle.
The complexity of the rules governing Luke and Ash's actions are undermined by the lack of power behind the action scenes tying the plot together.
Mr Hill said this was "the catalyst for violence" that encouraged the three to plot together.
The Ground Squirrels meet and plot together to scare the Gardener, make mean faces, eat lots of flowers, show their teeth and even scream
The property occupies a sizable plot together with a two storey barn conversion and double garage attached and provides a contemporary living space.
Suchet was apparently after something lighter to work on and, after being pushed into a corset, powdered and sculpted by make-up artists, he was wonderfully amusing as the matriarchal figure who binds the haywire plot together in act three.
An interesting thread that brings the plot together is the omnipresence of mobile phones and how they have the potential to change lives.
The allegorical figures are mainly episodic and are meant to hold the plot together.
And he has drawn on his Birmingham background, and time spent in military intelligence, to put the lethal terror plot together.
I couldn''''t piece the plot together at first, but by the end, I was bricking it.