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And because I know the story isn't plotless. The answers are coming.
In comparing methods, various authors indicated that rectangular plots were the next best to circular plots, that plotless methods were less desirable, and that random-pairs and wandering-quarter methods were at the bottom of the ranking (Rice and Penfound, 1955; Cottam and Curtis, 1956; Lindsey et al., 1958; James and Shugart, 1970).
In the invaluable section on sources and contexts the editors bring together information which crystallizes our sense of the witty theatricality of these rather plotless plays.
This semiautobiographical novel is largely plotless. It examines the psychosocial influence of motion pictures on an ordinary town in the Pampas of Argentina.
The plays were often plotless and were intended as vehicles for songs and specialities.
A plotless satire taking place on April Fool's Day, the book is filled with characters difficult to distinguish from one another; most of them are different manifestations of the confidence man.
It's a largely plotless, absurdist portrait of life under occupation in his native Nazareth, and Suleiman's studious cinematic referencing and ironic wit feel tailor-made for the liberal international intelligentsia.
The nonlinear "plotless" plot, begun in medias res, circles back to amplify the start.
Fans of the late Wallace will be curious, but distrib A24 will need stronger notices than it will likely get to pull anyone else into this plotless two-hander.
Narrative, interrupted; the plotless, the disturbing and the trivial in literature.
Deliberately brainless, almost plotless, and wholly manufactured to suit 100- crore basics, Son Of Sardaar defines what modern mainstream has come to be.
Weiss applies these principles to both plotless works and his story ballets, which he tailors to fit his 34-member company.