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The plotlessness of Banjo captures the fractured, contingent lives led by the wandering, marginalized black men who appear in the novel.
If Calliste and Mercy represent increasingly ambivalent variations on the generic story of estrangement from home, then the maids of Tartarus introduce an even more problematic version in which any return home is perpetually forestalled--frozen in the icy plotlessness of Melville's tale.
In the midst of apparent plotlessness, Mattie Ryder keeps trying and trying.
There, at least, was an audience that could find meaning in the play's apparent meaninglessness, in the seeming plotlessness of the characters' wait for (perhaps) nothing, and in the nearly uneventful duration of time that is passed in almost-solitude.
Indeed, the audience at the Guild Seminar seemed to be in a state of "I know, but I don't know what I know," for question after question was put to the dancers, each one ignoring the fact of Jewels's plotlessness.
That, added to the general plotlessness of his efforts, has translated into critical admiration and sparse attendance.