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Hew also many bent timbers, and bring home a plough-tree when you have found it, and look out on the mountain or in the field for one of holm-oak; for this is the strongest for oxen to plough with when one of Athena's handmen has fixed in the share-beam and fastened it to the pole with dowels.
458-464) So soon as the time for ploughing is proclaimed to men, then make haste, you and your slaves alike, in wet and in dry, to plough in the season for ploughing, and bestir yourself early in the morning so that your fields may be full.
479-492) But if you plough the good ground at the solstice
Yet the will of Zeus who holds the aegis is different at different times; and it is hard for mortal men to tell it; for if you should plough late, you may find this remedy -- when the cuckoo first calls (20) in the leaves of the oak and makes men glad all over the boundless earth, if Zeus should send rain on the third day and not cease until it rises neither above an ox's hoof nor falls short of it, then the late-plougher will vie with the early.
Moipisi was responding to MP for Kanye South, Mr Abram Kesupile who asked him if he was aware that people who had been hoping to be allocated ploughing land near or around Lohalane in the Sesu area in the Southern District complained of cyclical exclusion that denied them opportunity that came with having land that one could proudly plough.
Showcase Realty is pleased to announce the addition of Realtor Samuel Plough to its roster of professional real estate agents serving the Charlotte Metro area.
PLOUGH Albion won the 7 Clothing Premier Cup for the first time in their history with a last-minute winner sealing a stunning smash-and-grab 1-0 success against runaway title winners Tremorfa Hotspur.
Five David Brown tractors, all manufactured at Meltham between 1971 and 1976 were used, each operating a David Brown C-Type plough. The C-Type ploughs were manufactured in Leigh, Lancashire in the late 1960s by a David Brown subsidiary company Harrison, McGregor & Guest, also known as Albion.
The government has increased the ploughing season in the southern region to allow ranchers to plough through one of the 5 government flagship programmes, Integrated Support Programme for Arable Agricultural Development (ISPAAD).
It was created on the day when young Euron Griffiths, Rhydyclafdy, turned up to compete with a plough deemed unsuitable for the U19s junior class.
The event began when the club was formed in 1980 and sees each competitor plough a set plot withing a four hour time frame.
SMD have started 2013 as they intend to continue, with the ahead of schedule delivery of an HD3 inter-array Cable Plough to local integrated subsea services provider Reef Subsea Power & Umbilical Ltd (RSPU).