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Hew also many bent timbers, and bring home a plough-tree when you have found it, and look out on the mountain or in the field for one of holm-oak; for this is the strongest for oxen to plough with when one of Athena's handmen has fixed in the share-beam and fastened it to the pole with dowels.
458-464) So soon as the time for ploughing is proclaimed to men, then make haste, you and your slaves alike, in wet and in dry, to plough in the season for ploughing, and bestir yourself early in the morning so that your fields may be full.
479-492) But if you plough the good ground at the solstice
Yet the will of Zeus who holds the aegis is different at different times; and it is hard for mortal men to tell it; for if you should plough late, you may find this remedy -- when the cuckoo first calls (20) in the leaves of the oak and makes men glad all over the boundless earth, if Zeus should send rain on the third day and not cease until it rises neither above an ox's hoof nor falls short of it, then the late-plougher will vie with the early.
He said farmers who decide to plough after the gazetted ploughing season would be doing so at their own expenses.
Five David Brown tractors, all manufactured at Meltham between 1971 and 1976 were used, each operating a David Brown C-Type plough.
The traditional autumn scene of a plough pulled by <Bhorses at The Vale of Glamorgan Ploughing and Hedging Society Annual Ploughing Match
The event has been going since the club started in 1980 and sees each competitor plough a set plot withing a four hour time frame.
Next week the plough king speaks to Ffermio reporter Alun Elidyr where he reveals it was his sister's advice that led him into ploughing.
That day he borrowed a Ransomes plough, and it was fitting that he was reunited with it for his last ploughing event 64 years later at Earsdon, near Tritlington, before his retirement from the sport.
He's leaving behind for the day the Gelderlander carriage horses he usually works with at Beamish Museum in County Durham in favour of heavy horses Prince and Lion and a 1910 plough when he competes in the annual Beamish Ploughing Match in the museum grounds.
John said: "You have to plough the line straight, firm and clean.