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Aphisak added, "All the products under Chaokoh and Mae Ploy brands showing in the fair are our bestselling products.
He said, "Present regime is facilitating and encouraging the ploys of communal and sectarian elements particularly in Jammu region to create an atmosphere of insecurity.
The tax evasion ploy has plenty of life left in it yet.
Cynics immediately saw the move as a ploy to drive down the price for Digital First Media's Denver Post, the 400,000-circulation seven-day paper.
This appointment was also a tactical ploy in order to keep happy his government partner Marios Garoyian.
It's a sign of how far Murray has come - a Wimbledon final and an Olympic gold medal - to attract the support of two Scots of such stature and he's come up with a ploy his rivals will find hard to match.
When the academic he has hired to have oversight of the referendum tells Alex Salmond this is just a ploy, it's time he started listening and got on with asking people straight if they want to break up Britain.
Talking to mediapersons here, Hegde said: "This is a ploy, again a ploy, because if he comes out and if he goes for fast, he will be arrested.
The ploy means Loeb will again have to lead the way and 'dust' the roads for the other drivers in day two.
The ploy means Loeb again had to lead the way and 'dust' the roads for the other drivers in day two.
Are the Republican candidates' antigay stances genuine or a ploy to get votes?
CONMEN are targeting Nuneaton churches using a crafty ploy of asking to play the organ.