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Before the latest ploy came to light, thieves would tell unsuspecting bank customers that there is oil leaking from their vehicle.
In short, this is also a tactical ploy, aimed at keeping Garoyian and other opponents of a settlement happy.
The ploy means Loeb will again have to lead the way and 'dust' the roads for the other drivers in day two.
Genuine 33% A ploy 54% Unsure 13% How readers responded to the Advocate.
Church officials across the town are being urged to be vigilant after bogus musicians used the ploy to steal heaters and cash.
The Conservative leader's speech is nothing but a cynical ploy to win votes from the centre and left.
This is a standard ploy of dissenters to garner support and escape detection.
As a negotiating ploy, he would regularly threaten to resign if the Administration's internal decision-making process went against him.
He's having to come around the wicket instead of bowling over the wicket - I think that is more of a defensive ploy than an attacking ploy.
Accordingly, using a statistical ploy to dodge AYP-induced pain, a flock of states have hopped happily aboard the confidence-interval caravan.
Shrewd Third-World rulers mastered this ploy long ago.