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Asserting that the ploys of Hindu parties in Jammu cannot succeed, the spokesman said the Muslims of Kashmir stand shoulder to shoulder along with their Muslim brothers in Jammu to confront the malicious designs of terror against them.
The paradox is that Anastasiades thinks that these tactical ploys and improvisation will help his political career.
Stick to your shopping list - and don't fall for the ploys.
The provisions, favorite ploys of lawmakers from eastern and Midwestern states with declining or static populations, protect their interests while reducing available money for fast-growing areas such as California.
Texas Air's chairman was notorious with labor for a ploy he pulled off with an earlier acquisition: after buying Continental Airlines he had filed for bankruptcy, which let him repudiate union contracts, lay off two-thirds of the labor force, and cut wages by half.
What we do know for sure is that such ploys don't hurt, and in the sleazy culture of downtown politics, they're expected.
Peter Stoker, director of the National Drug Prevention Alliance (NDPA) said: "It is no different from any of the sellers' other nefarious marketing ploys.
Kinetic Information's Market Advisory, entitled "PeopleSoft in Play: Political Ploys & White Knights Are Signs of Changing Times," is available on the Web at http://www.
That's just one of the ploys the nation's top-grossing megaplexes like the Winnetka 20 are cooking up to entice customers to open their wallets even wider despite the sky-high prices for snack-bar food.
Consumer Reports' annual April auto issue helps you resist the dealer ploys that squeeze you for more cash than you should pay.
Reasons for the slowdown include greater use of managed care, a drop in medical price inflation, a decline in the growth of Medicaid enrollment and a federal crackdown on ploys used by states to shift costs to the federal government.