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When I pluck a bird, I can really do it justice in the kitchen as it stays moist during cooking.
hairs from one brow then stop and pluck from the other.
The higher barrel lets you pluck the feathers off birds without bending over.
By his skill and coolness, Sergeant Pluck succeeded in bringing his gun out of action without a single casualty to the crew and materially assisted the remainder of the battalion to escape.
What we found in Pluck was a platform that allowed users to easily add all of those social media tools to their own websites and control them themselves," says Rosenblatt.
Named for the pluck and determination of the students who spearheaded it, the initial Pluck Project consisted of a free performance of solo works by graduating contemporary dance students, produced entirely by the students themselves at the Context Theater, a 75-seat venue in New York City.
It's something we've both spoken a lot about--that we wouldn't have the courage and pluck to do it.
Wilflex provided inks for the textile industry as part of the Flexible Products Company back in the 1960s, and it became known as the first textile ink company to commercialize ink for garments," said Chris Pluck, product manager for PolyOne Corporation, who joined Wilflex in 1993.
For even more efficiency, it can pluck four birds at a time.
By spring 2002, all principals and board members had Palm handhelds and had gone through a training session by Palm Education Training Coordinator Deb Pluck (www.
Pluck, 2000, is Davis's first foray into time-based work.