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It was heavily strapped and he pluckily continued to half-time but failed to appear for the second.
It also created the impression of Lowry as a cloth-capped David pluckily taking on the establishment Goliath and, to the strains of a brass band and children's choir, resolutely defending his depictions of the working man's lot.
Should be a Government health warning on afternoon tea dances," she joked pluckily to the ambulance man who brought her home.
Those pluckily pretending to make a living will find the pretence impossible to sustain.
But none of this could have happened if Miriam Evans had not pluckily searched for help and found by chance in the form of Melanie Walters.
He said Ms Lewis could have died had not Miss Evans pluckily sought help.
adverbials--justly, fairly, virtuously, honestly, pluckily, indefatigably, cleverly, stupidly, eccentrically;
When the lad's grandmother dies, he pluckily sets off for Los Angeles.
Outnumbered by a huge legion of African warriors, the red-coated Brits pluckily hold their own against the forces.
Throughout the twists and turns of the plot, Rachel goes on pluckily, but like most characters in thrillers, she is motivated by plot rather than personal psychology.
As Cassells fled the pensioner pluckily shouted and tried to give chase, but stumbled and fell.
The Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity performed well, pluckily winning the hearts of the American public.