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Noting tea bushes' vegetation period, it needs at least one production cycle for them to adapt to mechanical harvesting--that is, to flush where they have been machine plucked, either on the top for a flat plucking table, or all around in a bowl shape.
I laughed at the thought that my Ex tried plucking happiness out of my
A Jilin City Bailing Down Products representative allegedly told PETA: "The plucking is done in secret.
Two former winners and rivals, John Brannigan and Grant Smith, will be among those vying for the title, plucking pheasants using only their hands on Saturday, November 21.
In the context of the plucking model, recent data do not reject ABCT.
Answer: Preening is natural behaviour for birds but they should not be plucking out the feathers.
RULE 7 add a finishing toUch Brows thin with age, so plucking and tinting alone isn't enough.
The Easy Pluck consists of a 9-inch-diameter plucking drum with 28 fingers, bearing blocks, hardware and a mounting fixate, for attaching the plucker.
LIB Dem MEP for the North East Fiona Hall is calling for an end to the practice of plucking live geese.
Well, they say there's a first time for everything but plucking a pheasant wasn't on my list of new things to do before I die.
With the help of the Whizbang, the not-so-glorious job of plucking broilers can become a minor, painless step in poultry processing.