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This is to certify that James Smith is a member of The Plucky Class of the Hampton Institute, and is in good and regular standing.
I remember how you stood by me while it was sewed up; that was very plucky, Polly.
It is very easy to say that; but a government place is a government place, and that plucky Colleville, who works like a galley-slave outside of this office, and who could earn, if he lost his appointment, more than his salary, prefers to keep his place.
General Eble, who was in command of the pontooners, could only find forty-two men who were plucky enough, in Gondrin's phrase, to tackle that business.
Well, he is a plucky youngster, and will make a player," says Brooke.
To this class they all belonged, and in it the great thing was to be elegant, generous, plucky, gay, to abandon oneself without a blush to every passion, and to laugh at everything else.
We lifted the plucky fellow into Raffles's place in the pantry, locked the door on him, and put the key through the panel.
Now I think of it, too, you were a plucky little devil at school; you once did me rather a good turn, I recollect.
The ideal girl would be plucky, cheerfully valiant, a fighter.
The company also announced that Plucky Rush, the second mobile game released by SPYR'S wholly owned subsidiary, SPYR APPS, LLC, ranked in the top 100 free games in the Apple App store within the first 48 hours after its release.
Plucky Strum is an album showcasing acoustic bass and acoustic guitar; its names come from the basic approaches to play each instrument ("pluck" and "strum").
It's very easy to see us as plucky runners-up, but not one person in this entire environment has ever said that is the case.