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I'd give my chance in the creek for a pound of Star plug.
And for three pounds of Star plug chewing tobacco, Daylight bought outright three five-hundred-foot claims on Bonanza.
Daylight staked a claim in his own name adjoining the three he had purchased with his plug tobacco.
The different pieces were fitted without trouble, it being only a matter of bolts and screws; tools were not wanting, and soon the reinstated disc lay on steel plugs, like a table on its legs.
I had my pipe en a plug er dog-leg, en some matches in my cap, en dey warn't wet, so I 'uz all right.
Lowten extracted the plug from the door-key; having opened the door, replugged and repocketed his Bramah, and picked up the letters which the postman had dropped through the box, he ushered Mr.
The system includes the PRO PLUG Tool for Wood, the PRO-Plug Glue Nozzle and PRO PLUG Plug & Fastener Kit in different wood species and fastener sizes as well as the PRO-Plug Glue Nozzle, which combine to quickly and consistently create perfectly crafted plugs in less than half the time of other plugging methods.
Because their electrodes are coated with precious metals that have higher melting points, these plugs can sometimes maintain a precise gap for up to 100,000 miles.
Firing and firing with the same barrel ruins the barrel and plugs up the gas system.
After a minute or so, the seller, perhaps concerned that he was in the presence of a haggler, piped up, saying, "I know those old plugs are used, but I ain't taking a penny less than $2 for the whole can.