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" 'I wish the wind would come and blow 'em down for us,' panted I, staring up at the plums with longing eyes.
" 'I 'm afraid you 'll slip and get hurt.' " 'Don't care if I do; I 'll have those plums if I break my neck doing it,' and half sliding, half walking I went down the sloping roof, till the boughs of the tree were within my reach.
"Hurrah!" cried Nelly, dancing down below, as my first shake sent a dozen plums rattling round her.
But I picked myself up in a minute, for I was used to such tumbles; and did n't mind the pain half as much as the loss of the plums.
for many of the plums were not ripe, some were hurt by the birds, some crushed in falling, and many as hard as stones.
We raked open the fire, put on the saucepan, and in it the best of our plums, with water enough to spoil them.
"The sun began to get low, we were afraid Debby would come down, and still those dreadful plums would n't look like sauce.
The plums were lying all over the hearth, the saucepan in the middle of the room, the basin was broken, and the sugar swimming about as if the bowl had turned itself over trying to sweeten our mess for us.
"We had plums enough that autumn, but did n't seem to care much about them, after all, for our prank became a household joke, and, for years, we never saw the fruit, but Nelly would look at me with a funny face, and whisper, 'Purple stockings, Fan!' "
I am to wear white satin and plumes, pearls and roses.
Shaw came home that day in her fine visiting costume, and Maud ran to welcome her with unusual affection, she gathered up her lustrous silk and pushed the little girl away saying, impatiently, "Don't touch me, child, your hands are dirty." Then the thought had come to Polly that the velvet cloak did n't cover a right motherly heart, that the fretful face under the nodding purple plumes was not a tender motherly face, and that the hands in the delicate primrose gloves had put away something very sweet and precious.
Global plum and sloe consumption peaked in 2018 and is expected to retain its growth in the near future.