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For added interest, sometimes the kernels from a few cracked plum stones would be added during the jam making process, giving a pleasant almondy taste.
Ultimately what arises from Plum Stones as the greatest move forward in the exposition of McClure's larger poetic vision, out of his deepened Buddhist sensibility, and from his meditations "SEEING THROUGH/DRIPS/OF/WAX/TO THE SNOW LION/UNDER THE MONKEY MIND" ("Plum Stone Ten"), is that the poet seems finally to have found a center to his proportionless universe, and it is a heart of compassion.
Its face is recognisable after only a few weeks, when the foetus is no bigger than a plum stone.
Using grapes from a traditional vine cultivation technique (parra alta), it creates a smooth, deep and rounded malbec with cherry and raspberry fruit, supplemented by suggestions of vanilla, plum stone, cloves - and very light tannin.