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If a fellow didn't keep his eyes open he'd go plumb into it.
They plumb e't all the bacon and prunes and sugar and dog-food," Elijah reported, "and gosh darn my buttons, if they didn't gnaw open the sacks and scatter the flour and beans and rice from Dan to Beersheba.
D19840_3 IT'S PLUMB DIFFICULT: Chris Prophet, was lucky to find a plumbing job through a friend but lecturer Colin Green (inset) said it is very difficult for youngsters to find an opening in the trade D19840_5; D19840_4 D19840_2 D19840_1 THREE HOPEFULS - Matthew Judd, Neil McCarron and Ross Haselwood
DRAIN - It was during a ride home from the doctors' office last month, as Katie Plumb was feeling a little depressed and still processing the fact that she might be too sick to play basketball this year, that her mom presented a challenge.