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"Although law did not use the term main plunderer, it was needed to point out that you, the prosecutor, must say which of these public officials who you are accusing is the main plunderer because there will be others who merely contributed," Bersamin noted.
'Although law did not use the term main plunderer it was needed to point out that you the prosecutor must say which of these public officials who you are accusing is the main plunderer because there will be others who merely contributed,' he explained.
Sandiganbayan where the SC in this earlier case explained that the nature of the conspiracy charge and the necessity for the main plunderer for whose benefit the amassment, accumulation and acquisition was made.
She added that she could not be the main plunderer since she was not a public official.
Taking to media persons outside the Parliament House, he said that Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaisar was being pressurized by the opposition for issuance of production orders of the arrested plunderers so that the investigation could not be completed.
The minister said that recovery from plunderers would start soon which would be a big achievement of the government.
The Sandiganbayan added that the Supreme Court had already upheld a new requirement that the main plunderer in the information sheet of any plunder case filed in court must be identified.
The argument hinges on the dismissed plunder case against former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, where a main plunderer was identified.
Napoles, in her motion for reconsideration filed last April, had already argued that the case filed by the ombudsman in June 2014 was fatally defective, as it did not identify the "main plunderer." In her supplemental motion, Napoles insisted the identification of main plunderer is required under Republic Act 7080 or the Plunder Law, which states that a private individual cannot be charged with plunder unless there is an allegation that he or she conspired with a public official who must be the principal in the case.
In its 31-page motion, Napoles' defense counsels pointed out that in order to sustain a conviction for plunder, an essential element is that there must be a single public officer identified or identifiable as the main plunderer.
Napoles then filed a motion for reconsideration, insisting that there is a "defect" in the Information since the main plunderer has not been identified.
The former first daughter also asked how an elected cadidate can be called a plunderer. "Calling an elected candidate a plunderer is an explanation of which constitutional law?""The more you will try to press down Nawaz Sharif, the stronger he will emerge," Maryam told a roaring crowd in Mansehra.