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Verily, what with tainting, plundering, and spoiling, Tom has his revenge.
There had long been a truce between the opposing forces, but according to the Guide-Book, Raynauld of Chatillon, Lord of Kerak, broke it by plundering a Damascus caravan, and refusing to give up either the merchants or their goods when Saladin demanded them.
No doubt about it," joined in a third, "she is a witch who has dealings with the surly monk, for the purpose of plundering officers.
And throughout the house there was a joyous movement of people who believed they were plundering monseigneur.
There was fightin' and shootin' down, and burnin' and plundering.
Since it has been called to our notice that you be harassing and plundering the persons and property of our faithful lieges-
     Thundering, blundering, plundering free.
The second time we asked ten thousand, but it was three days before we could come to terms, and I am of opinion myself that we might have done better by plundering the palace.
Waves of sinuous shadow went over the ripe hayfields, and plundering bees sang a freebooting lilt in wayside gardens.
Beasts of prey, are they: in their "working"--there is even plundering, in their "earning"--there is even overreaching
was the rallying cry which perpetually caused the plundering, as soon as it was stopped in one place, to break out in another.
Next morning's sun saw Mr Dorrit's equipage upon the Dover road, where every red-jacketed postilion was the sign of a cruel house, established for the unmerciful plundering of travellers.