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TO PLUNDER. The capture of personal property on land by a public enemy, with a view of making it his own. The property so captured is called plunder. See Booty; Prize.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The Vikings, author Hall reveals, were much more than the plunderous adventurers of popular legend.
Thus Africa has re-embraced as a solution to its economic problems the transnational corporations that it previously regarded as exploitative and plunderous. Yet, while the AU has to solve Africa's twin problems of economic exclusion and marginalisation by embracing the erstwhile purveyors of imperialism and dependency-underdevelopment, it also has to defend the political dogmas and ideological rigidities that underlie these problems.
Italy's fate depends on the plunderous whims of others.
He is] hoping that it will mitigate the upsurge of this drug menace as well as the plunderous activities of the plunderers," he said.
" Mountain Province rebels believe the RPSB "carries (this) mission in the guise of protecting the environment and national interest." They also said "the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in cahoots with these mercenary troops have been enforcing a total log ban policy and the crackdown on small-scale mines (while) they protect plunderous large-scale mines, logging, and energy businesses.
After his plunderous reign, he left the country with an external debt of $28.3 billion.
21 to recount Marcos' murderous, plunderous ruin of democracy.
Is the Duterte administration not outraged at the rampant and plunderous smuggling of petroleum products amid rising oil prices?
If Malacanang wants full justice, it should indict as well other past Cabinet members who sat in the Government Procurement Policy Board and consented to the plunderous contracting.
It has been almost 30 years since a million of us Filipinos gathered along EDSA in February, 1986, to defend our democracy and freedom - and, by so doing, bloodlessly ejected an abusive and plunderous dictatorial regime.
Remember how the Inquirer was being killed through an ad boycott in 2000, at the behest of the short-lived plunderous Estrada presidency?